Thursday, 30 October 2014

Memento Notebook

A while ago I was looking through my folder of stuff I collected during my holiday in Nashville a couple of years ago, and thought there must be a way to display this stuff instead of keeping it hidden away.

I laid out all the stuff to take a photo. There's things like the guitar magnet I bought, my Opry backstage tour pass, ticket to the Adventure Science Centre, a serviette from the Country Music Hall of Fame, a bus route map. I also added a couple of photos from the trip.

I cropped the photo and adjusted the colours and came up with this.
Cool, but now what?
I put the photo on Facebook to show my sister, who I took the trip with, and she made it her cover photo.

(I forgot to take a photo before I gave it to my sister so had to get her to send me one)
When I was thinking what to get my sister for her birthday a few weeks ago I went on to her Facebook page to get inspiration, When I saw the Nashville photo I had the idea to get it printed as a notebook cover.

I used Photobox to get it printed and the photo came out great, and my sister loved the gift.

This was a great way to display mementos from a trip, especially ones that you can't really stick in a scrapbook. I think the image would also look good as a poster or canvas print displayed on the wall.

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