Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Colour Me Magnets

I've been busy preparing for Christmas craft fairs next month and adding stock to my Etsy shop. One of the things I've been working on is these colour in magnets. If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember these cupcake magnets. I've decided to bring them back and add some new designs to the range.

I wanted to make a set of colour in magnets that might appeal to both girls and boys so I created these monster magnets. These were really fun to design as there were no limitations at all. I could draw as many eyes, arms and legs as I wanted.

I also created some Christmas jumper designs as the festive season will be here before we know it! These were also really fun to make just because I love Christmas so much.

The magnets are printed on matte magnetic paper and cut out by hand. Felt tip pens are the best thing to colour them in with. I love the bright colours.

I created packaging for the magnet sets which I think really shows them off. I've added these new sets to my Etsy shop so if you've already started thinking about Christmas presents, or you just like colouring in, please check them out.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Pickle Rick

Do any of you watch Rick and Morty? It's a cartoon on Netflix and it's pretty random. For example, in one episode one of the main characters turns himself into a pickle! My boyfriend is a big fan of the show so I thought he'd enjoy the fact I decided to make Pickle Rick out of felt, as a break from churning out felt dogs

I tried to make it as close to the cartoon image as possible, which meant doing things like stitching black around the features to match the black outlines of the drawing.
I decided to list it on my Etsy shop in case anyone was interested and it sold within a few days, so maybe now I'll make a few more Pickle Ricks.

Making a felt pickle reminded me of the other random things I've created out of felt, like this felt syringe.

 And this single slice of felt pizza!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

DIY Jewellery Door Hanger

It seems with every place I live I have to come up with a new way to display and store my jewellery, and moving into my new house was no exception. I came up with an easy way to hang all my jewellery that didn't take up too much space but meant I could see it all at once.

I started by drilling some holes into a long, thin pice of wood. On the bottom I drilled the holes that the little hooks would screw in to, and on the top I drilled holes big enough to fit a kebab skewer.

I put the kebab skewer snuggly in the holes and sawed off the excess so there was about 2cm sticking out. These sticks are to put my rings on.

I painted the wood, first with primer and then glossy white to match the doors it would be attached to.

When the paint was dry I screwed in the metal hooks to the pre-drilled holes.

I attached the hangers to the inside of the door of my built in wardrobe using command strips. I've got a lot of love for those strips.

I like how the hooks and sticks keep everything in its place meaning I won't end up with a tangle of chains. And now my jewellery is kept right next to my clothes which is perfect for when I want to accessorize an outfit.

Check out my previous creative solutions to jewellery displaying.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Geometric Wall Art

Hi guys, I'm back! If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I moved house a couple of weeks ago, which is the reason for my blogging absence. My boyfriend and I bought our first house together and have been busy unpacking and decorating.

We've started with our bedroom where I've been able to put my first creative touch. The room has a built in wardrobe/closet space and I thought it would be fun to do a painted feature wall inside. Since this is my first experience of painting on such a big scale (ok, not true) I thought this would be relatively low risk as if it turned out really bad it wouldn't matter as the wall is going to be covered with clothes most of the time anyway.

I started by designing the wall in Photoshop. I'd searched Pinterest for geometric wall inspiration and used this image as a starting point.

With my design up on my laptop I started drawing it on to the wall. We'd already painted it grey when we did the rest of the room. Drawing the design involved a fair bit of measuring which I didn't mind, especially when I found a website which did equilateral triangle calculations for me.

Then it was time to paint. I'd say it took me about two long days altogether, and lots of podcasts. I decided to do the whole thing freehand and not use tape as I haven't had much success with it in the past. Mostly because I'm not willing to pay out for the good stuff #cheapo. So instead I used a small brush and a steady hand for the outlines of the shapes.

These are the different paints I used. The Dulux 'Chic Shadow' is the colour of the rest of the bedroom and the base colour of my design. The small tester pot in 'Slate' was left behind by the house's previous owner and turned out to be the perfect dark grey, although there wasn't quite enough of it so I had to alter my design slightly. I mixed the silk black paint (another one we inherited from the previous owner) with the white emulsion to make another shade of grey. Then for a pop of colour I used a tube of gold acrylic paint.

I'm so happy with how this wall turned out. I think I got the size of the pattern and the colours just right.

It's almost a shame to cover it up with our clothes, but we need the storage space! And we'll get glimpses of it when we're getting our clothes out. Maybe now I'll try something on a more prominent wall.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sequin Letters

I've been sorting through my craft supplies before I move house and have found one thing I have a lot of is sequins. And one thing I enjoy doing is sewing sequins on to felt, it's really relaxing.
So I came up with a little monogram hanger project to make use of a few sequins.
I printed out some capital letters in a font I liked and cut them out to use as templates. I used these to cut out two pieces of pink felt.

Then I put on some shows and got to sewing. I put them on pretty randomly, only making sure that no identical sequins were right next to each other.

Once all the sequins were sewn on I stitched the two pieces of felt together, adding a piece of ribbon at the top and filling it with polyester stuffing.

I tried a different style for the 'N'. I cut a white piece of felt using a paper template and attached a string of sequins following the shape of the letter. I did this by gluing them in place first and then sewing on every other sequin on the string. For the back piece of felt I choose purple to match the sequins and found a piece of ribbon in the same colour to use.

 I liked the process of making the 'A' but I think I prefer the style of the 'N'. What do you think?

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Baby Painting

This painting was a commission from my Mum to give to her friend as a wedding present, and features the friend's son. The medals are for running (they belong to the friend, not her baby!) and she even ran the marathon when she was 5 months pregnant with this baby!


I worked from a photo my Mum got off her friend's Facebook page. I simplified the background and had to add the bottom of the feet as the photo cut them off.

 I think I managed to achieve a good likeness to the baby. I hope the newlyweds like it!

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Custom Envelope Bag

Many years ago I made some envelope bags with the address embroidered on. I think that was pre-blog but I documented them here. At the time one of my sister's friends ordered one from me and then a few months ago a different friend of my sister, who remembered the bags from all those years ago, ask me if I'd make one for her wedding day.

I started by making a paper pattern which I used to cut two pieces of white fabric. The fabric was quite thin so I had my first experience with fusible interfacing which would give the bag more structure and support the embroidery.

I sewed on the name and address and added a few personal details for the bride, like using her wedding date as the postage mark and using one of her wedding colours for the stamp.

Once the embroidery was done I sewed the two pieces of fabric together and then turned the whole thing right side out, which was a bit tricky with the added interfacing. Then I hand sewed the bottom three flaps together to make the envelope shape and added a popper to the top one as a closure.

I bought a gold coloured chain from a jumble sale for £1 which was the perfect length for the bag. I just hand sewed the ends to the inside of the bag.

Here's the bride with her custom bag on her wedding day.
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