Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Miniature Winter Tree

My Mum got a pair of socks in a plastic bauble for Christmas and I got to have the bauble. I actually got the socks as well because my Mum has the feet of a child.
The bauble opens in two halves which is perfect for putting a miniature something in.
After much thought I settled on trying a simple white winter tree to put inside.

 The tree started as lots of pieces of wire twisted together to make the trunk and branches.

Then I covered wire in Sculpey, baked it, then added a bit more Sculpey in places, and baked again.

The Sculpey right on the ends of the branches was a bit fragile so to fix a few broken twigs I used a technique I learned last year on my Scale Model Making course.
Apply super glue to the join and sprinkle baking powder on it. The glue will dry almost instantaneously and will be bulked out by the now hard powder. This can be sanded down if needed.

I painted the whole thing with white acrylic paint and added glitter.
I may have gone a bit too crazy with the glitter.

Then I stuck the tree over the edge of one half of the bauble using my trusty E6000 and added more glitter around the base.

Now that I now this sort of thing works I can start thinking of other miniature things to put inside. Any suggestions?

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