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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Upcycled T-shirt Collar

Like my new shirt?
It's upcycled.

It started off as a plain white t-shirt and some unwanted material from my Mum's culottes.
In fact the t-shirt was once my Mum's as well. 

The strips of fabric were meant to be tied around the waist of the culottes, and were already the right size to be a collar so I just had to sew it round the neckline of my shirt.

To make the fabric go nicely around my shoulders I had it go down the back instead of straight across the neck.
I cut a new neckline for the back of the shirt and sewed the fabric on in a 'v' shape.

So now it looks just as interesting from the back as from the front.

I really like how this simple, and completely free, addition has made the shirt look much more fancy.

It looks great with this new skirt I bought on sale at New Look.
They sell this thing as a school skirt! I would not have got away with that in my day. It's tight y'all!
But that might be because I bought it size age 10-11...

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