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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I just wanted to share one last thing from camp.
Every year we have a theme and this year's was 'Explorers'.
A tradition that's started over the last few years is to dress up for one dinner based on the theme.

So I dressed up as Internet Explorer.
I bought a plain white t-shirt from a charity shop and used printable transfer paper to put the IE logo on.
I even made a cursor necklace to complete the look. That was just a cut out piece of laminated paper which I outlined with Sharpie.
Someone else actually had the same idea but theirs was just the logo drawn on to a t-shirt.

I don't have many photos of other people's outfits - I was too busy eating! - but I've got this one of a snow explorer, complete with tennis racket shoes.

And we're a fancy camp.
Our dinner was accompanied by some live classical music.

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