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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tights, pantyhose, stockings

Whatever you call them, people are using tights for bigger and better things than just a trouser alternative.

I adore these appliqué tights made by cocorosa, but I don't think I have the mad skillz to sew that delicately and make them myself.

The Clothes Horse has gone for a doodle on her tights, which looks like a fun project.

This yellow statement necklace by Lady Smaggle is made out of shredded tights and I've also shown you my attempt. It's really easy to make and there's lots of scope for putting your own creative spin on it, working with whatever materials you have to hand.

I produced this piece, entitled Muscle, last year for the final major project of my foundation course. It's two 1x1m frames screwed together with bits of tights stretched in between which I then painted with acrylic. It's definitely one of my more abstract pieces but I'm very proud of it, considering all the work I put in; sawing long planks of wood and carrying the frames up and down two flights of stairs from the workshop to the studio. In the end of year exhibition it was displayed hung from the ceiling so that people could walk around and see it from both sides.

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