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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Button and beads on rings, oh my!

This past week has been quite relaxed here in uni-world so I've had some spare time to get my craft on (and an abundance of Without a Trace episodes to get through at the same time). So I decided to make a heap of colourful rings using buttons and beads and sequins and anything else I have with me here. I used ring bases with 8 loops and attached the various objects with small, half inch long pins, making a loop on the end with my pliers. Most of the buttons and beads had holes that were bigger than the pinhead so I added seed beads and sequins and stop them falling off.

With all of my materials laid out according to colour I was reminded of the work of Tony Cragg, an English specialising in sculpture. For his colour works he collects discarded plastic objects and arranges them according to colour giving them a new form and transforming bits of rubbish into works of art.

This piece is:

One day I'll get round to making these. They're plastic bottle tops filled with plastic bits and bobs which can be made into badges or magnets. The idea is from make it! by Jane Bull which is a great book full of crafty ways to recycle for kids, but since I'm The Craft-Arty Kid, that includes me too!

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