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Friday, 29 January 2010

Plastic bag clutch

I learnt how to fuse plastic bags here. It's a really good way of using up some of those plastic bags that we all have lying around (although there should be slightly less if y'all are using bags for life). To make this clutch bag I started with a large sheet of plastic which I created by fusing about 7 layers of plastic bag. I wanted to use a particular plastic bag with this pink flower print as the outside of my bag so that went on top with another clear plastic bag on top of that to make sure the print didn't come over. When I ironed over it it went crinkly, which I wasn't expecting, but it provides an additional texture to the bag.
The bag is a simple design. The sides were folded in and hand sewn together, and I put a kitchen roll tube with a slit cut out in the bottom so the bag would maintain it's round shape.
To close the bag I attached to large poppers to prevent it from flying open.
I decorated the outside by sewing a few sequins and beads around the flowers on the print.

I also added a length of ribbon under the fold of the bag so it can have a strap if I want it to, but it is removable so it can still be a clutch bag.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely done! I tried to fuse a bunch of bags and made a mess of them last week...I'll blame it on my iron. Love the design on your outmost layer!


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