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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Stamped Ring Dish

This ring dish is similar to the little Sculpey dishes I made a while back, but it gave me a chance  to use my new letter stamps.

These letter stamps were actually sold as cookie stamps along with a recipe book. They were on sale in The Works just after Christmas and I had crafting in mind when I bought them. The stamps came with a little holder that you slide the letters on to make a word but it's...er...somewhere in my room...

I made the dish by rolling out white Sculpey (note to self: get an actual rolling pin instead of using my can of spray mount) and cutting out a circle and moulding up the sides. Then I used the letter stamps to spell out 'rings and things'. I think it looked best when I pushed the letters in quite far.

Once I'd baked the Sculpey and it had cooled I sprayed it gold. 

I decided to fill in the letters to make them stand out. I used watered down black acrylic paint and the tiniest brush I have, which was actually sold as a nail brush. I used watery paint as I still wanted to see some of the shine from the gold, and also it was easy to wipe away any paint that got on to the main part of the dish. 

After a spray of varnish the dish was finished. I'm really happy with how it turned out and want to make more.

What other things could I spell out with the stamps?

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