Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Felt Magic Wand

This project is awesome because 1) It used things I already had, 2) It was pretty quick to do, and 3) I ended up with a wand, duh!

Lately I've been searching through Pinterest based on materials, as I have a lot of stuff and need to start using it! When searching 'felt' I came across this tutorial from Mayi from Heartmade Blog. It looked like a fun project and I figured I could just sell the wand at my next craft stall...or keep it for myself because every 24 year old needs a wand, right?
I also quite enjoy projects that involve sewing a lot of sequins on to things. Remember this?

It's very simple: cut two star shapes from felt, sew sequins on to them, sew them together most of the way, fill with stuffing, insert stick, sew closed.
For the stick I chose to use an old paint brush which is unusable because I'm not very good at cleaning my brushes.

I painted the stick with one coat of plain white then a second coat of white metallic poster paint mixed with a little pink. I sprayed the stick with glossy varnish and then wrapped ribbon around the top, using UHU glue to stick it in place.

Once the wand is finished prance around your house pointing at things with it, saying, 'ting!'

That last part is optional but encouraged.

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