Sunday, 31 May 2015

This Week I...

...went to my friend's wedding!
She's the first one of us to get married and it was very exciting.

Let's just pause to talk about my outfit: It took a shopping trip in Cambridge on Monday plus two hours shopping the next day to find it. I already had the skirt and I wanted to find a colourful blazer to go with it, which I eventually found in the teen section of New Look. The yellow top from Primark and £5 heels from Peacocks completed the look.

Laura and I have been friends since playgroup (as this photo demonstrates) and it was a little surreal to watch her get married.

It was forecast rain for the most of the day but we were quite lucky and only needed our umbrellas a couple of times throughout the day.

We had a lovely meal at the reception followed by some awesome dancing (especially once I'd kicked of the heels) until 1am. Though I am paying for it now with aching muscles! And there was a photobooth with was a lot of fun.

How was your week?

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