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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Scrapbooking #4

This scrapbook page started out looking very different but I wasn't loving it and when parts of it started to wrinkle from the glue I knew it would be best to take it apart and start again.
The photo is of me and my cousin on our way to the camp fire where we sung Fifteen by Taylor Swift. For this reason I decided to print out the lyrics of the song onto tracing paper and use that in my design. In the first version of this page I used the tracing paper across the whole background but I think it works better being just a section of the background.

The background is a green fabric paper, the same that I used to make these gift tags, and I think it goes perfectly with all the green in the photo. The photograph is mounted on a piece of cream, textured paper. That was my Dad's suggestion. Thanks Pops.
The captions are written in Letracet on to the back of wall paper and mounted on to red card. I chose red as I wanted to pick out the colour of my red welly boots from the photo.

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