Monday, 25 August 2014

This Week I...

... have mostly been doing post-camp stuff; unpacking, clothes washing, uploading and editing the many photos and videos I took.
We always have a camp diary full of photos and drawings and this year I volunteered to put it together, and I decided to make a digital diary instead of sticking things into a scrapbook. So I've spent a lot of time making all the pages for that.

My parents have been away for three weeks and I've done a good job of looking after the house; I put the bins out, cleaned the bathroom, kept the place tidy. Less can be said for the garden. During the week I harvested these courgettes-turned-marrows which I have no use for, so I put them out the front of the house with a sign saying 'surplus produce, help yourself.' Because it's that kind of town.

My parents returned from their Scandinavian holiday at the end of the week and bought me these super warm and cosy mittens! Judging from the weather outside I don't think it will be too long before I'm using them.

How was your week?
Is your summer winding down?

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