Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Aboriginal Art Workshop

One of the children's art workshops I did for the Letchworth Arts Centre this summer was about aboriginal art.
The main activity was to produce a painting inspired by aboriginal dot paintings. The secret to all those dots is cotton buds/q-tips! They worked really well and I especially liked that I didn't have any brushes to wash up.

The children produced some great work. The older ones sat for almost the whole two hours working on their paintings. 

I provided lots of examples of the dot paintings and some children stuck closely to their inspiration, whilst others did their own thing.

This girl actually has Australian parents so she could tell me a lot about the different animals she was painting. I love that platypus!

This one is two snakes surrounded by shapes inspired by boomerangs!

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  1. Most of the Australian people like to see Aboriginal Art gallery because this art made by the indigenous people of Australia is very unique and now they are very popular in whole world.


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