Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tie Dye

A classic camp activity is tie-dye. We were instructed to bring a white t-shirt but I decided to think outside the box and bring a tote bag.

My cousin is a tie-dye pro so she decided to experiment with her t-shirt and twisted it up in a circle before covering in elastic bands.

The dyes we used all had weird names. I think my bag went in 'burlesque red'.

Once everything had soaked in the dye for a couple of hours it was time for a whole lot of rinsing. 
Fun fact: Children have been bathed in that metal tub.

My cousin's t-shirt is the 5th from the left. Didn't it turn out great!
If I'd have known I could create something so awesome I would have brought a t-shirt too.

Here's my bag. I decided to keep it quite simple because I don't have much experience with tie-dye. The back is lots of smaller circles but I like this side the best.

Have you ever done tie-dye?

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