Friday, 23 May 2014

Tunic Dress from Scratch

I picked up this piece of fabric from the Scrap Store. Though from the size of it they should rename it the 'Pretty decent size piece of fabric Store' because it is certainly not a scrap.
It's quite thin and flowy, but not quite silk. I thought it would make a nice tunic style dress.

I started by folding the fabric in half, sewing the two sides and cutting a neck hole.
I then hemmed the bottom, and the arm and neck holes.

To create an elasticated waist, giving the dress more shape, I sewed some bias tape to the inside of the dress and thread the elastic through it. I did a similar thing with this dress.

I had to sew the sides above the elastic in a bit as they were a bit too droopy, but then it was done!

This dress is perfect with leggings and a black strappy top on underneath - because it is slightly see-through!

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