Sunday, 25 May 2014

This Week I...

...said goodbye to my girl Stef!
She's moving up north to live with her boyfriend. Pfft, boys. So we gathered at Cafe Rouge so she could have one last cheese board in our company before she left. Girl loves a cheese board. And I love cheese jokes! Here's my favourite from this week;
'I used to work as a cheesemonger, but I camembert it any longer'
That's what you get for following @dailycheesejokes

Also this week I went to the Scrap Store and got these totally awesome foam swords! In Class 1, after half term, I'll be helping make a knight scarecrow so I thought a foam sword would be useful for that. Doesn't explain why I got two though. Because you can never have just one foam sword! That's why.

And I only worked two days this week because my school had an inset day on Friday that I was not required for. Aw yeah!

How was your week?

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