Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Night Time Skyline Painting

As well as a collaborative street drawing, the kids at Art Club on Saturday also made night time skyline paintings. This idea came from The Usborne Book of Art Ideas, another one of the many books my Mum has on the subject.

To make the painting I was going to use as the example I started by drawing a skyline on a piece of sugar paper and cut it out.

I laid the cut out on some black paper and weighed it down. Using an old toothbrush and a lollypop stick I flicked watery yellow paint over the painting.
At Art Club they used thick, bristly brushes and plastic knives to flick the paint as that's all I could find.

When I removed the cut out I was left with this. Pretty impressive.
Once the paint had dried I added window details and a reflection with coloured chalks.

This is what the kids came up with. I let them pick the colour of paint to flick with so we had white, yellow and blue lighting up the sky (and covering the tables/floor/walls).

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