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Friday, 22 July 2011

Trip to Brighton

Yesterday I went to Brighton with my parents and my sister because that's what I wanted to do with them for my birthday.
Unfortunately it rained quite a lot whle we were there, but we still found lots of indoor things to do.

We went to the Toy and Models Museum which was just a little place where my parents went around pointing and saying, 'I had one of those'.
But there was also an old machine for making this stamped metal plate. You put in 20p, then turned a cog to each letter and pressed down on a lever, and then when you were done out popped this little keepsake.
I'm thinking of punching a hole in one end and making it into a keyring.

We also went to a couple of flea markets and found wonderful things like a sombrero (modelled by my sister)...

... a fencing mask and boxing gloves...

...and a small photo frame containing a photo of Ben Fogel.
As difficult as it is to believe we didn't purchase this treasure.
(Excuse the blurry photo, it was a sneaky shot)

Fun times!

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