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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

As well as eating cake on my birthday, my friends and I had a photo scavenger hunt.
I'd seen the idea online somewhere and thought it would be something a bit different to do.

I got my sister to write up a list of 21 things that we'd have to take a photo of around my town.
Me and my friends split into two groups and gave ourselves a time limit of one hour to find everything.
 Then we came back home and went through the photos with my sisters judging them.
The other team won but it was still really fun (but unfair since it was my birthday haha!)

This was the list; 

1) A red car

2) A small child or equivalent

3) Something Mexican

4) Make your own crime scene

5) An interesting piece of litter

6) A prime number

7) Alcohol

8) A kissing gate

9) A blue door

10) Something a bit country

11) A closed sign

12) Reenact a moment from Doctor Who

13) A timepiece

14) The fanta cat
(It's an in-joke between me and my sister)

15) Something that Lisa will like

16) An interesting cloud
(It's a shark!) 

17) A piece of fruit

18) A piece of graffiti

19) An action shot

20) A funny looking house

21) Something you wouldn't find in Stotfold

1 comment:

  1. i love the "create your own crime scene" photo! so funny!


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