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Monday, 25 July 2011

Simple hairbands

I used these discarded ties from a dressing gown and a dress to make some simple headbands. I think they were my sister's, she doesn't know I used them. She will now.

The style is based on some similar ones my Mum made when she was younger.

I could easily go crazy embellishing them, just give me time.

I could definitely see this one with some added bling.

Since the fabric was already in a tube all I had to do was cut a suitable length, fold the ends in and sew the elastic on.

They're a simple way to dress up my short hair.


  1. Great simple project - I can see the black one could use some bling but I think the apple one is perfect just how it is:)

  2. Aww you look pretty! I wish I can wear headbands but they make my head ache. Haha


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