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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bargain time #4

At the weekend I went to my village fete which included a car boot sale.
I scored this skirt for £1.

£1! It's from Miss Selfridge and it still has the tag in.
And it had pockets. I'm very excited about the pockets.
Bargain indeed.

I also got these two bags for 50p each. Similar to this one I got last year which was probably from the same lady.
One has a whole load of beads in it, including a pretty glass pendant with daisies on it. The other bag has a lot of bangles in it and some necklaces. All good stuff.
With some my new beads I fancied up my Mum's sun hat for her.
I just threaded the beads in a sort of pattern onto some brown ribbon.
She's been showing it off already.

Have you got any great bargains recently?  

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