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Friday, 1 July 2011

Let's discuss my obsession with American High School

In my mind, American high schools have nothing to do with education. Oh no.
It's all prom queens and homecoming dances, letterman jackets and football games, walking the halls and getting the top locker, school spirit and graduation, the cafeteria and meatloaf. I love meatloaf.
I also love letterman jackets.
And lockers. 

Exhibit A
(more on that here)

And Exhibit B
That jacket was on sale for £8. I got it to the till and it was only £6. Score!

Most, if not all, of my ideas on American high school come from tv and movies.
But tv and movies say that detention can be a life changing experience so I might want to question their validity.
Although, I never got a detention, so I can't be sure.
(High five for being a good student)

The reason for me talking about this is because one of my aims for my summer break is to re-watch as much Dawson's Creek as I can get through starting from the beginning (I know; dream big!).
I'm already on Season 2 and there's a lot of episodes I haven't seen before.
Mainly because I was 8 when the show started and I never watched it religiously. But my sister has it all on dvd so I'm good. 

The 90s fashion is a treat and I actually like all the big words.

And I really like the original opening credits, cos for the most part it looks like something the characters could have shot themselves.

What's not to love about the beach and lens flares??

Having been on a bit of a 90s kick I also watched an episode of Kenan and Kel and Student Bodies.
Good times.

What tv shows that you grew up with are worth revisiting?

And if you were a Dawson's Creek fan did you prefer Joey with Dawson or Pacey?


  1. hoo boy, hate to burst your bubble but there's plenty of education (or at least homework) going on in america too! You can't escape! ;)

  2. You mean tv....lies?!
    noo! don't end my dream!! haha

  3. I live in Italy and here we were ALL HUGE fans on Dowson's creek. We cried for the last episode, we discussed whether Joey would choose Dawson or Pacey... And of course I fell in love with Pacey! :)

  4. I went to high school in America (during the 90s and everything!) and the only thing tv gets right is the horrible fashion! That said, I chose Pacey back then and I still choose him now!

    Pacey & Joey 4 LIFE!!

    Crafty Butt


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