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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My Model Room: #10 Airing cupboard door

I had a lot of fun recreating the door to the airing cupboard in my room because of all the photos and posters.

And I didn't shy away from the details. There's the door hinges, which were originally cocktail sticks...

and the door handle.

I also made the plastic wall hanging photo display thing using sticky back plastic and actual photos of me and my friend. I used the tiny photo thumbnails you get when you get prints developed at a store, and they just happen to be one tenth the size of the originals.
I even included tiny CDs which I use for decoration, made out of small circle bits of mirror with a sticker in the middle.

And I've got exact copies of some of the posters I have displayed; Taylor Swift, Jason Behr, Pushing Daisies and a Kenny Chesney tour poster which I ripped out of my People Country magazine. I wish I could read that magazine regularly, but you can't get it in England.

This is one of my favourite parts of the project so far.

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