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Friday, 3 September 2010

My Model Room: #11 Drawers, shelves, photos

I've finished the shelves, drawers and pictures in this little corner of my room.

I need to make my CD player which sits on top of these drawers, and fill the little shelves with CDs and cassettes.

Here are my school class photos. For those of you who are interested and fancy squashing your face up to the computer screen, in the top photo - Year 4 - I'm second row, second from left, in the next - Playgroup - I'm second row, first from right and in the bottom one - Reception - I'm second row, first from left.

I need to fill these book shelves with books. That'll be a fun challenge...

I also put a plug socket behind the drawers. You can't usually see it but I love the details.

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