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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


At the weekend I went to the Hillbilly Hoedown at the SU. I was channelling my inner country star rather than hillbilly but I still won a prize! A can of beer and a tin of spam! Yeehaw! Thanks Natalie

 Let's peruse the craftyart world for more things on the country theme;

First up is a copper etching made by yours truly. It was part of my print induction back in January and I think it's safe to say that painting is my true calling, but it was good to learn a new skill.

A cowboy boot cake! Kudos to Piece of Cake for this delight.

Check out these tiny hillbillies from GourdgeousGourdsPa on etsy.

And who can forget the Queen of Country; Dolly Parton. You can make your own black velvet Dolly painting with Jennifer Perkins on I Love To Create

Yeehaw y'all!

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