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Monday, 3 May 2010

Recycled at the V&A

Last week I went to the V&A museum in London and whilst I do appreciate all the ancient artwork, I was quite interested in the temporary Design for Life exhibition.
The project sees five regional museums and galleries working with young people to inspire them and give them new design skills. This years theme was recycling, something most of us here in the craft world are fans of, and here are my favourite pieces;

This recycled snail table light was made by 15 year old Annette from Parrs Wood High School and it uses a low energy bulb and recycled materials to create a child's nightlight. I love it.

I really love this 'Apple Mac' by Elsha, 13, from Blatchington Mill School. It's made completely from plastic apple bags from supermarkets machine sewed together. She says she was inspired by the hippy look at festivals and I could see this look being rocked at Glastonbury. Fo sho. 

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