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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Woodland Wall Painting

With this painting I did for a classroom display in mind my Head Teacher asked if I would paint something on to a bit of wall in a corridor at school. A couple of weeks ago when I told him I was applying for other jobs his main concern was whether I could get the painting done before the end of term/before I left. So I spent the last week of term working on this painting. 

The classes in the school are named after different animals so it seemed pretty obvious what I should paint on the wall. I painted white emulsion over the parts of the wall that had poly filler on them and used acrylic paint which the school had for the painting. I roughly drew out the picture first and had some reference photos to work from. 

My favourite parts of the paintings are those I got to sit down for, as a lot of the painting was done standing on a chair and later a step ladder which is not fun.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out and one of the children said it was the best painting he's ever seen. That's either a really big compliment, or he just hasn't seen that many paintings.

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