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Sunday, 19 July 2015

This Week I...

...had quite a busy one!
I had a job interview on Monday, was offered the job, had my birthday on Thursday, had the last day of term and my last day at my current job on Friday and then Saturday was my birthday party! 

To celebrate my 25th birthday I had a small garden party with some friends.

My cake was a simple two tiered sponge decorated with pink icing and an attempt at piping. It's tricky to do on the sides!
I bought a 2 and 5 sparkler to have instead of candles and after a few hilarious failed attempts to light them I managed it and they looked awesome.

I also made 25 shaped sugar cookies in case anyone forgot how old I was.

The best parts of the party were having our Christmas net lights up (even though they're indoor lights!) and the word search table cloth which kept everyone entertained for pretty much the whole night.

How was your week?

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