Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bright Paper Pieces

More scanned paper fun? Ok then!

This one was definitely inspired by Katie's family photo collage. I like the black and white photo mixed with the simple, cartoony background. Kinda like Angela Anaconda! Some Saturday morning memories right there.
Like my previous experiments with this fun technique you have to compose the image on the scanner backwards, so you put the background on last, and then hope everything underneath has stayed in place.

For this one I wanted to brighten up the sky. I fanned out five pieces of coloured paper and put them on top of the black and white image. In Photoshop I flattened the colours of the background to give a contrast to all that texture in the rocks.

For this one I used a colour photo instead of black and white and fanned out coloured paper like in the previous piece. Then in Photoshop I reflected the background and added a ripple effect so it looks like I'm walking on water.

1 comment:

  1. These are so amazing ! I especially love the first one. The black and white against the cartoon like colour is amazing ! And Katie's is pretty cool too ! Might try sometime ! Plus I love the way you scan it so you don't have to commit to sticking stuff down !
    Eb x


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