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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Handmade Bear

I'm continuing to work through my fabric stash and this project came about after pulling out my Grandad's old cardigan that I'd already cut up for this wooly hat. (I made that hat 10 years ago! Which shows how long I like to hold on to things.)
I'd seen some cute handmade bears on Instagram and thought the cardigan would be perfect to make my own.

I drew out a paper pattern and cut out two pieces from the cardigan for the body.

On one piece I sewed the face, and some markings using embroidery thread.

I sewed the body pieces together, right sides in, including the ears on the inside.

 After turning it right side out I stuffed the bear with polyester stuffing and sewed up the opening.

Then I made two arms which I stitched to the sides of the bear.

Cute right?
I really love the texture of the knitted cardigan, and it's a bit more forgiving than cotton.
I've still got some of the cardigan left so maybe I'll make a whole family of bears.

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