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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Wedding Flowers

Hi guys, I got married!
I've been a bit quiet here on the blog for the last few months as I've been busy preparing things for the wedding. I've got lots of diys to share with you and I'm going to kick things off with...the flowers!

I've never really been that bothered about flowers so I knew it was an aspect of the wedding that I didn't want to spend too much money on. I can understand why florists charge what they do, but I thought this was something I could do myself as I wasn't too concerned about the outcome.

The day before the wedding I headed to Tesco and bought just under £50 of flowers, which is everything you see here. I'd practiced making my bouquet back in May, after searching blogs and youtube for how to do it, so I knew which sort of flowers I was after. 

I laid all the flowers out on a long table and got to work. For a bouquet, the key is to make the central bundle of flowers, tape it together, and keep adding flowers around it, taping as you go.

To make it a bit more special I used some small gold balls on wire, which were originally from some Christmas crackers, and pushed them into the centre of some of the flowers.
I kept the stems long so I could keep the bouquet in a vase of water overnight. In the morning I tied ribbons around it and trimmed the stems right before I left.

I also made the button holes for the groom and groomsmen which was very simple. One small flower with a bunch of gypsophila, taped together with twine wrapped around.

We also wanted a small pot of flowers for each table at the reception which would hold the table numbers. 
For the numbers, I used my Cricut to cut two of each number out of card which I glued together around a kebab skewer. I then sprayed these gold to match our colour scheme.

The flowers for the tables were put in jam jars inside various gold pots. Half of these we already had in our house and the other half we bought from IKEA.
We gave the jars of flowers to our guests at the end of the night, and kept one for ourselves and, over a week later, it's still going strong.

£50 of flowers was more than enough and I was able to make an addition pot to put on the registrar's table during the ceremony, as well as make up a couple of vases of the spare flowers for my Mum to have. She had let me take over her house with my floristry after all. 

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