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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Recipe Cards

I find a lot of my recipes on the internet. If I have a particular ingredient I want to use, like if I have some bananas that are going brown, then I'll google 'banana recipe' and see what I fancy. I save the recipes I like in a draft email and cook from the laptop screen which isn't ideal. Especially when there isn't enough clean kitchen work top to put the laptop on and I have to keep walking across the kitchen to find out how much flour I need.

So I decided to print out the recipes I've found online and use repeatedly. I know this isn't a revolutionary idea, but this post is more about sharing some of my favourite recipes, and it might give you a nudge to do the same.

I designed my recipe cards in Publisher and made them roughly A6 size, because, as I mentioned, I do not have an abundance of work top space. Typing out the recipes gave me a chance to make alterations where needed. For example, there's a few recipes that I alway make half as much so I listed the ingredients at half the original quantities instead of having to calculate it each time.
I added a few coloured shapes purely for aesthetic reasons.

I printed out the cards, cut them up, and - here's the important part - laminated them. Now they're wipeable!
I punched a hole in the corner of each card and attached them together with a metal ring. Doing this will mean they take up less space than having to keep them in a box.

Here's some of the recipes I chose to print out:

I read about baked oatmeal on a blog and looked up a recipe for it as I was intrigued. I like the idea of porridge as a warm, filling breakfast but I have an aversion to sloppy food so it's a no go. A baked version is perfect; all the goodness of oats but with a texture that's almost like flapjack. I throw in whatever dried fruit I have and always make extra to freeze for a quick, special breakfast on a work day. Or when we've run out of milk for cereal.

I found this recipe when I was looking for a way to recreate a delicious chocolate dessert that I'd had as part of an afternoon tea in Cambridge. I made up the filling from this tart recipe and piped it into little plastic shot glasses. I highly recommend it.

A prime example of needing to use up black bananas. These pancakes are suprisingly filling and with bacon, as the original recipe suggested, they made for a delicious breakfast.

My boyfriend and I are all about this pie. We've started buying a whole chicken to roast and then making this pie with the leftovers. The second time we made it we decided to add stuffing and cranberry sauce since it was around Christmas time and it was a game changer! 

Another way of using up black bananas. And the recipe doesn't use eggs which is good because we don't regularly buy them.

I think I found these when I was looking for healthy snacks and have made them many times. I usually go for a combination of grated carrot, courgette and spinach. My boyfriend likes them with a sweet chilli dip. I've also made sweet versions with apple, sultanas and cinnamon.
The great thing about these is that they're freezable. I think they're best when re-heated in the toaster.

What are you favourite recipes?

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