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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

DIY Jewellery Door Hanger

It seems with every place I live I have to come up with a new way to display and store my jewellery, and moving into my new house was no exception. I came up with an easy way to hang all my jewellery that didn't take up too much space but meant I could see it all at once.

I started by drilling some holes into a long, thin pice of wood. On the bottom I drilled the holes that the little hooks would screw in to, and on the top I drilled holes big enough to fit a kebab skewer.

I put the kebab skewer snuggly in the holes and sawed off the excess so there was about 2cm sticking out. These sticks are to put my rings on.

I painted the wood, first with primer and then glossy white to match the doors it would be attached to.

When the paint was dry I screwed in the metal hooks to the pre-drilled holes.

I attached the hangers to the inside of the door of my built in wardrobe using command strips. I've got a lot of love for those strips.

I like how the hooks and sticks keep everything in its place meaning I won't end up with a tangle of chains. And now my jewellery is kept right next to my clothes which is perfect for when I want to accessorize an outfit.

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