Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Emoji Keyrings

 I've shared emoji keyrings with you before, but this lot is different....

 ...because this lot has the poop emoji!

Putting together these keyrings is pretty simple. First I sew on the features, which is the most difficult part as things like eyebrows can be quite fiddly. I attached a ring of wire shaped to fit in the yellow felt circles to the keyring chain. I do this because I'm paranoid that the stitching attaching the keyring chain to the felt will come undone and the chain will fall off, but with the wire the chain would stay attached. The last part is sewing the two yellow felt circles together with a little bit of polyester stuffing inside.

 I had a good production line going on when I made these, and I've kept the little paper patterns I made for the all the features so I can churn out even more. Which emoji do you think should be next?

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