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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Painting: Seattle Beach

My latest painting is a 30 x 80 cm oil on canvas. I have a preferance for long narrow canvases as they make for interesting compositions and, as someone who works primarily from photographs, I have to think carefully about how to crop the original image.

I was looking through my photos from my trip to America last summer, looking for something to paint, and came across this one which I don't even remember taking. I zoomed in on the image and knew straight away which canvas I was going to use.

The beach is Golden Gardens Park and my boyfriend and I took a trip there on our last full day in Seattle. We took the bus and asked the bus driver to let us know when it was our stop which he did by shouting back to us, "I am officially kicking you off the bus." Good guy.

I'm now on Instagram! @lisagharrold
This is the first large painting I've done since moving in to my boyfriend's tiny flat. Thank goodness for my table easel. That, combined with my old computer table, made for a pretty good workspace that didn't take over the whole living area.


  1. Wat een goede post! http://kostenverhuisbedrijf.nl

  2. Wow what stunning pieces. And I love the process, I actually had no idea how much thought would need to go into something like these, trying to select the frame from each photo must be tough (it would be for me at least!)



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