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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Felt Dogs

I recently had a free Sunday and felt like just watching tv all day so I put together a sewing project that would justify me doing so.

I decided on making felt dog faces, which is an idea that had been going round in my head for a while. With a ribbon hanger I thought they would be perfect gifts for dog-lovers and might do quite well when Christmas craft fair season comes around.
I made paper patterns for each dog, which will allow me to make multiples if I want to. For some of these dogs I was going for a particular breed, like this pug, but then what I thought would be a chihuahua ended up looking more like a french bulldog. Still cute either way!

One I had all the felt pieces cut out I just had to sew the features on to the main piece of felt and then sewing the two main pieces together, attaching the ears and the ribbon loop at the same time and adding some stuffing to give the faces a little more dimension.

I ended up watching almost the whole first season of UnReal on Amazon. That show is a bit ridiculous but pretty entertaining, and made for the perfect lazy Sunday.

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