Thursday, 24 March 2016

Heart Eyes Emoji Key Ring

I was a little bit late to the Whatsapp game as I only got it last summer, but since then I have been all about the emojis. So when I wanted a quick felt project to do I knew just what to make.

I wanted to start with a simple design so I went with the heart eyes emoji as it only has 3 additional elements; two hearts and a mouth. I cut these out of felt and stuck them to a yellow circle using UHU glue.

 Between two circles of yellow felt I put a wire ring which had the keyring attached. I stitched the two circles together and just before I completely closed them up I filled the felt with stuffing.

I think the keyring is really cute and I love how quick it was to make, it only took an evening.
I can't wait to make more of different emojis. Smiley poop emoji keyring anyone? Which emoji is your favourite?

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