Friday, 8 January 2016

Colouring Books

I'm sure you're aware that adult colouring is a big thing at the moment, well the trend was apparent in my family's Christmas presents. Here's our family of colouring books we gave each other.
Mine's the anatomy book in the middle. My sister bought it for me from a charity shop, which I know because I was there when she pulled it from the shelf and I said, "That's cool! Buy it for me."

And it is cool. It's an actual textbook but the illustrations are line drawings that you can colour in. You get to colour and learn at the same time!

 I thought about going for realistic colours but then realised there's a lot of bones in the book and colouring the same whitey yellowy colour would get boring. So, blue skull? Yaaaas!

Are you into colouring? What's your preferred  medium? I like to use coloured pencils, but my sister is all about the felt tip pens, and when I was younger I was wax crayons all the way.

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