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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Scrapbooking #9

For this scrapbook page I went for a completely different style. I was thinking of collage-y, art journal images with a lot of mixed media.
The photo was a bit of a dud as I think someone's finger (probably mine) was over the flash, so it's quite dark with an orangey tinge. As the photo wasn't amazing I felt I could be a bit experimental.

I started with plastic backed canvas for the base which I painted using black acrylic and a sample pot of orange wall paint to match the colour in the photo. Then I glued ripped bits of foil and newspaper to the canvas, covering the photo in places.

I painted over the paper and canvas, using a fairly dry brush to pick up the texture. I used copper acrylic paint to add to the shine the foil provided. I added some pattern using a rubber stamp and a black ink pad, and later just white paint.
I used a plastic stencil to paint on the names of my friends in the photo and the date it was taken.

The glow around the girls was created by applying bleach to the photo with a paint brush, which is a technique I discovered at work. The result is a bit unpredictable but I think it looks really cool.

And as usual here's a shot of everything I used.

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