Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Character Doll

Remember how I made a book that's now for sale? Well I've also made a toy version of the main character to act as a mascot when I'm selling the book at craft fairs. 

This was the first time I've made a toy like this so my method involved a lot of trial and error.
I made a paper pattern for each of the body parts and then got sewing and stuffing.

Sewing the limbs to the main body was pretty tricky and things looked a bit creepy for a while.

I used felt for the hair and shoes, and drew on the eyes, mouth and nose.

I used the only purple fabric I had for the dress and stuck on little pink dots to match the illustrations.

I love how this little doll turned out and I think she will look great sat next to a pile of books for sale.

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