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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sketchbooks #2: Barcelona

I've got another recently rediscovered sketchbook to share with you. This one is from a school art trip to Barcelona in 2007 when I was in Year 12. There's not too much worth showing as it turns out I was too busy taking selfies in galleries to do any decent work.

This is a charcoal drawing of a statue on a Spanish newspaper background.

This is a colour pencil drawing on a water colour background. I quite like this one but I can not remember what the place was called. 

I remember where this half finished watercolour painting was done; Parc Guell, the Gaudi place.

And lastly some wax crayon rubbings done at...I'm guessing Gaudi's cathedral, but I'm not sure. Past-me should have taken more notes! Let that be a lesson to you. Annotate your sketchbooks!

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