Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hen Do Wristbands

For my friend Laura's hen do my friend Lizzi and I made these wristbands for everyone to wear. We made 16 all together. When Laura was younger she loved 101 Dalmatians so we wanted to reference that in the design. 

The first thing we had to do was find dalmatian print fabric. We looked in Hobbycraft and online but could not find what we were looking for so I offered to paint the fabric myself. To make the task a little easier I made a stamp with the print design on from an old rubber. 

The wristbands are made of a section of a plastic bottle with a strip of card stuck on which is then wrapped in the printed fabric. I image-transferred the text on to plain white fabric which was cut out glued to the wristband.
We bought some metal bottle caps to hang from the wristband, sort of like the tag on a dog collar. These said 'if lost' on one side, and 'please buy me a drink' on the other. Miraculously my circle paper punch was the exact size of the bottle caps which made cutting out the circles a lot quicker.
We made small holes in the ends of the bands and threaded black elastic through.  

For the bride-to-be's wristband we added gemstones and her tag read 'I'm tying the knot' 'so buy me a shot.' A phrase courtesy of the hen party I passed when on holiday in Nashville a few years ago.

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