Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Scrapbooking Start

It's finally happened; I scrapbook now.
I've always thought about doing proper, super decorative scrapbooking but with the amount of photos that I take it would be never ending. So I've decided to limit myself to only using the photos that I've had printed from film. I had a set printed in 2012 and I've got a camera with a half finished film in it at the moment.
This also means that the photos will all be the same size and I won't have to worry about sizing and printing them. I've chosen to make the pages square - the width of A4 paper - and I've been using whatever card I have around.

I thought I would share the materials I used for each page as I'm trying to use up the things I've collected, instead of buying new things from the crazy scrapbooking isles at Hobbycraft.
For my first page I used a leaf print patterned paper as the background, which I picked up at the Scrap Store. I added details by cutting out bits of some map themed wrapping paper, like the compass in the bottom left hand corner. I used Letraset, also from the Scrap Store, on a brown label, and I printed on to a brown paper bag to make the other labels.

What do you think of my first attempt at scrapbooking?

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