Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Plastic Canvas Box

On my last trip to the Scrap Store I picked up a handful of small squares of plastic canvas. I thought they'd be perfect to make a box with.

I'd also recently discovered this pack of embroidery thread that  I don't remember buying. 36 for £2? Such a bargain. These were just what I needed.

 I haven't used plastic canvas before, and I haven't done cross stitch in a very long time so after trawling Pinterest for pattern ideas I decided on a simple chevron pattern.

Note: This photo is of the first square I sewed. After that one I made sure all my cross stitches were facing the same way.

 The sewing took a week (and all the episodes of Married at First Sight) but I finally got all six sides sewn.
Then it was time to assemble the box by sewing the edges together, trying to keep the cross stitch pattern.

I lined the inside of the box with pink felt which I glued in place then sewed round the top edge.

I'm pretty proud of my attempt at plastic canvas cross stitchery!

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