Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Photo Magnets

I love the look of Stickygrams, the little magnets you can get printed of your Instagram photos, so I decided to make some as part of my Secret Santa present for my friend. I made them because Laura doesn't have Instagram and because I have printable magnetic paper.

I started by picking out photos of Laura and her boyfriend, her sisters and her friends. Then I edited them and made them all squares, then I printed them on to the magnetic paper. 

I cut the out using a craft knife, leaving a little white border around each photo.

I miraculously found a cellophane packet from a greetings card which fit the 9 magnets in exactly.
I mean exactly!

Laura loved them! Except it turns out her fridge isn't magnetic because it's built into a cupboard, Doh! But she's going to put them on the side of her microwave or a radiator instead.

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