Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Cards Using Paintings

I've had my paintings printing on greetings cards by photo websites before but you have to buy in bulk and have at least 10 printed of each design. When the only person buying your cards in your Grandad this can be a problem. So I've come up with a way of creating cards using my paintings that are one offs. And they start to use my ribbon stash and my blank cards.

I printed some of my paintings, like this one and this one, onto paper them stuck the picture onto white card and trimmed it so it left a small border. 

The part that took the longest was deciding which ribbons to use and how to place them. I put a few small bits of double sided sticky tape on the ribbon to stick it on the front, then a used selotape to stick them to the inside. I think I will cover the end with a sticker to neaten it up.

I used glue dots to stick the card to the front.
I think the ribbon adds to the image as it picks out the colours.
I can see myself making lots of these using all my different paintings.

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