Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Painted Fabric Skirt

I made a skirt!

And by made I mean my Mum had to come in and save it because my usual sewing method of winging it wasn't cutting it.

But enough about the construction, let's look at that fabric.
Where did I get it? Oh, I painted it. 

This piece of plain white sheet was transformed with a little fabric paint.
I didn't really plan the pattern beforehand, I just made a start and saw where it went. I started painting blobs of light pink all over, then blue blobs next to the pink ones, and then dark pink ones. I also tried splattering the paint over the fabric, and I used some silver fabric paint in places.
I fixed the paint by ironing it as the bottles said to do.

My favourite part is the small dots made by sponging paint over sequin waste.

The skirt has a zip in the back and hooks to fasten it.

I love it!!
And I've got some of the painted fabric left over. What should I make with it?

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  1. How incredibly adorable are you? That skirt is pure perfection.

  2. Wow, that skirt is gorgeous! You've got talent girl x

  3. This skirt is so cool! Great job

  4. Love this! Love the colors, the pattern, and that skirt shape suits you so well!


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