Friday, 28 November 2014

Hand Print Tree Advent Calendar

At work/school I was asked to come up with an advent calender with the class of 4/5 year olds, and this is what we made.

The Christmas tree is made up of green hand prints with only the palms glued down so the fingers stick out like branches. Each child filled an A4 piece of paper with their hand prints and I had just enough to make the tree once I'd cut them out. Right at the last minute I had the idea to make the star on the top out of a yellow hand print, so I chose the boy with the biggest hands to do this special hand print.

The days of advent are represented by these paper baubles which are hung on shiny thread and stapled to the tree. Each day one of the bauble will be turned over to reveal a picture drawn by a child showing something to do with Christmas. There are pictures of snowmen, Father Christmas, a Christmas train carriage, and even a dinosaur. Because nothing says Christmas like a creepy looking dinosaur. 

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