Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Life Drawing Scarecrows

Our entry into the scarecrow festival was a life drawing class!
The whole thing was based on the joke that a naked scarecrow would just be straw. And it was an excuse to display some of my paintings.

We used the same heads from last year and just added wigs. Everyone has a bright red bob wig, right?
We named this artist scarecrow Ruby. She's wearing one of my actual paint shirts.

And this is Phillipe - because of the beret - and he's wearing my other paint shirt.
He's wearing my Dad's trousers and when we were putting him together in the house me and my Mum would often see him out of the corner of our eyes and think he was my Dad.

Making the model was the biggest challenge. She's a chicken wire frame filled with straw. My Dad made the basic body shape but he based it on my proportions which meant it ended up looking like a child because I am a tiny person. So I added a big ol' behind to give this lady some curves.
The drawings pinned up behind her are some genuine life drawings I did at college.

We had a sign saying 'life drawing in session' and had a little table set up with paper and pencils, inviting people to do their own drawings which they then displayed on the line.


Over the weekend people walked around our town with a map that had all the scarecrows plotted on. A lot of people came right into our garage to have a proper look. The maps came with a voting slip and guess what; our scarecrow got the most votes! I think the only prize we get is glory, but I'll take it!


  1. Wow ! That's such a good idea. I should have guessed with he beret and art shirts ! Haha. It's such a good idea. I love the interactive side of it too ! Plus your drawings are amazing ! Congratulations on winning ! Glory is good enough :)
    Eb x

  2. Seriously, you wow me with your creative lessons! I love idea!


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